Friday, April 16, 2010


Invitations are so often an afterthought in the wedding planning process. And each time, a golden opportunity is overlooked. The invitation sets the tone for your event and build excitement and anticipation. It's also a marker for your guests as to how to dress - is it formal and elegant or is it casual or whimsical.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Heidi Jimenez the other day and reviewing her portfolio of exquisite handmade invitations. Every detail - lace, velvet, satin, all custom, and all pieced together individually with painstaking care.

Every invitation I looked through made me yearn to attend that party - a party for people I never knew and will never know. But I wanted to go to the party/wedding because the invitation was so pretty. It was like opening a gift. And if you think about it, that's what an invitation is - a gift to your guests that says, you are special to us, and we hope you can share this day.

For more information and pricing visit their Web site. Or contact the lovely Heidi herself at or 805.757.7693.

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