Monday, January 31, 2011


Darby and Reece were so much fun to work with. The very first time Darby called me we spoke on the phone forever, and with such ease. She overflowed with ideas and excitement and unbridled joy. And then I met Reece, and he was quiet and sweet and wanted to give Darby the world. And then I met Darby's mom and I fell in love! We had our team, and it was awesome.

Darby's style is very vintage elegant, with ease and grace.

I love when couples take the time to write each other a note before the wedding. Find a quiet moment the week before to reflect on why you're marrying this person and what you love about them. What your dreams are for you both. Just look at the outcome ...

Tune in tomorrow for some stunning portraits of Darby and Reece by Sarah Rhoads - they're gorgeous!!! And on Wednesday, the reception!

Special thanks to all of the amazing vendors!
Sarah Rhoads Photography
Donna Romani Events
Bacara Resort & Spa
Renae's Bouquet
La Tavola Linens
Wayne Foster Entertainment

Monday, January 24, 2011


This wedding was completely unique and wonderful. The bride and groom are New Yorkers - she's Japanese and he is Greek. Both families are traditional. Traditions and customs were blended from both cultures, making this wedding so personal and special.

The Ceremony took place at Saint Barbara's Greek Orthodox Church -
a stunning location in the foothills overlooking Santa Barbara.

Both fathers made toasts during the reception - hers with sake and his with ouzo.

Cousins from both sides showed off their culture in an impromptu dance-off during the reception. Modern Japanese techno versus old school Greek Zorba dancing. It was AWE-some!

Kudos and thanks to the wonderful vendors that made everything beautiful and fabulous!

Josh Newton Photography
Donna Romani Events
Saint Barbara's Greek Orthodox Church
Four Seasons Santa Barbara
Modern Day Design

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Josh Newton is a master. I love these photos! He totally captured the spirit and joy of the day. Thank you for sharing, Josh!

T and Brittney took this on as a DIY project and designed and built this photo op board themselves. They put out a camera and let guests go at it. How fun is that? (And I think T still has it for sale if anyone is interested!)

Josh Newton Photography
Donna Romani Events
Grass Roots Florals
Rockwood Woman's Club
Loraine Lim Catering

Monday, January 17, 2011


Brittney and T were such a fun couple! Brittney is hyper-organized and a totally detail-oriented gal (not so unlike a certain Planner I know). T is the logistics guy, and super chill. Together they were adorable and sweet and we had so much fun. And the photography? Josh Newton. Nuff said.

Josh Newton Photography
Donna Romani Events
Grass Roots Florals

Monday, January 10, 2011


Kelly and Shereef are madly in love. Seriously. When I first sat down with them for a consultation, it radiated from both of them. I love that so much of my job involves seeing couples together at their happiest, moments of total bliss.

And if their love wasn't enough, our fabulous photography duo is also engaged and getting married this year! Thank you, Alain and Angela of Them Too: Photography for sharing some of the photos, and congratulations!!!

Them Too: Photography
Donna Romani Events
The Canary Hotel Santa Barbara
White House Florist
Luna Bella Makeup Art
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