Friday, January 8, 2010


There is a tradition for the bride and groom to exchange gifts on their wedding; a token of their abiding love. It's a beautiful tradition, and one most often carried out in private. I've seen this gift take many forms - everything from jewelry to cars (an Aston Martin, yes please!).

My personal favorite is also the most affordable, albeit not always the easiest... Words from the heart. A love letter written to your partner, to be read in a quiet moment before you walk down the aisle. Words that convey what the day, and the moment mean to you. There is nothing more meaningful. And there is no gift that preserves the emotions of that day, like a letter that you can look back on fifty years later.

It's one of my greatest pleasures, getting to be the messenger delivering these love letters to my brides and grooms ... to see the softness that comes into their eyes, and all the anxiety melt away. I highly recommend it.

Here are a few of the great love letters in history to inspire you:Do you plan to exchange gifts with your partner? What will you do?

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