Sunday, August 8, 2010


I adore this photo taken of me by the talented Hanssie Trainor last Saturday. She posted it on her Facebook with the caption, "The wedding planner takes a second to admire her hard work :)"

There's not a lot of downtime when you're working a wedding. But what I love about this photo is that she captured the exact moment when everyone is in their seats for dinner, with a glass of wine in hand and the anticipation of a fabulous meal and an amazing night ahead of them, and they are happy ... Everyone is happy. And for just a moment, you get to appreciate all of the hard work that each and every vendor, plus the couple and their families, put into making that moment happen. Bliss.

It lasts literally about a second, and then it's gone as you move on to the next task at hand ... Music! Lights! "Announcing for the first time ever as husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs. ... !!"

Stay tuned for more photos from Hanssie of this incredible wedding in the coming weeks.

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