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May 7th, 2009

Those of us that are blessed with four-legged children know that our pets are as much a part of our family as any other member. In my house, my husband gives the dog a kiss when he comes home before me (I’d be worried except that she’s quicker to run and greet him than I am)! It’s this reason, and countless others, that when it comes to one of the most important day of our lives, we want them with us. We want them to share in that moment and be a part of the celebration.

Many venues will allow you to have your pet on site for the ceremony - a few will even allow the pet to remain for the reception (most commonly parks or other outdoor venues such as Eling’s). Here’s a few tips if you are planning to have your pet be a part of the festivities:

* Assign a trusted friend or family member (preferably one who loves your pet) to be responsible for the animal
* If they are not part of the ceremony, keep them in the back or to the side in case they need to make a ” pit stop” in the grass
* If you’re dog is the ring bearer, consider having someone bring it down the aisle on a leash — or at least plant some treats on someone at the end of the aisle and make sure the dog knows it
* If they are remaining for the reception, don’t forget food and water … Make sure your friend or coordinator knows where to find it
* Plan ahead for your pet’s transportation to/from the venue - especially if it’s not staying for the reception, who will take it home?
* Don’t forget to consider where your pet will stay on your wedding night … MANY Santa Barbara hotels are pet friendly if you call ahead and make arrangements

My girl Bianca joined Luca and I at the Biltmore on our Wedding Night. They spoiled her with a bed and spa products, tennis balls and treats!

I LOVE this photo!!

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