Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've been to a lot of wine and cheese parties in my day. I love wine and I love cheese, so this is fabulous by me. But sometimes these shindigs can be a little stuffy, or a little ... "been there, tasted that." Let's just say, I haven't been to one of these in awhile where I was surprised by anything that was paired together. That's why I love the newest trend taking over restaurants and private parties - Beer and cheese tastings. Beer, really? Yes!

The October issue of Food & Wine featured Andrew Myers of Washington, DC's CityZen and cites a few of his favorite pairings:
1. Hefeweizen and Goat Cheese - light German wheat beer complements soft, tangy cheeses
2. Brown Ale with Spanish Mahon - nuttiness and hoppiness works well with mild cow's milk cheeses
3. Imperial Stout with Blue Cheese - stouts that are chocolaty and hearty are perfect for stinky cheeses

Myers biggest tip for a beer and cheese tasting: It's the fizziness that makes beer good with cheese.

I love this for holiday cocktail parties or a fun station during cocktails at a wedding. I love this period. Bottoms up! xo

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