Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As a former New Yorker, one of my all time favorite lines from Sex & The City - and the one I found to be most true - was when Carrie said, "Most New York women don't have a closet full of Jimmy and Manolo. But, most New York women have at least one pair."

My pair are from my wedding. They were an indulgence that made me feel special and beautiful and pampered. I loved my shoes as much as I loved my dress. But they were not at all practical for dancing or cavorting through grass and stone for hours on end. Shoes like that are made for sitting and looking pretty.

For this reason, I advise a lot of my brides to consider multiple pairs of shoes for their wedding day. One pair is for the ceremony and photos ... and the other is for dancing and frolicking (and quite possibly another photo).

If you choose to follow this advice and plan on wearing more than one pair, make sure you bring both pairs with you to your dress fittings, and try not to vary more than 2-inches in heel height between shoes. If you try and go from a 4-inch heel to flats, the line of your dress is going to be off ... and you'll either be showing ankle during the ceremony or tripping on your dress during dancing. Not good!

Guiseppe Zanotti on Bluefly

Christian Louboutin on Bluefly

An exception to the rule is if your dress is cocktail or tea length. Then you can wear these 4.5-inch beauties before switching to flats!

Guiseppe Zanotti on Bluefly

Are you planning a shoe change at your wedding?

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