Monday, November 9, 2009


Where should I sit at the ceremony? Is there a "bride" and "groom" side? Am I "first row family" or "second row family"?

Especially in a large wedding ceremony, guests are often unsure of the proper seating etiquette, but they want to do the right thing. That is why I love these adorable pew cards!

I came across these on Mint and I think it's a brilliant and chic way to guide your guests to the proper seat. You can customize them to what's appropriate for your event with colors, designs and different labels. (If you like the look of Ellie's, she includes a how-to on her blog.)

I think this would be a beautiful touch to mail to your guests with their invitation. And when they arrive at the ceremony, they can simply show the usher their card. How cute!

p.s. I think this would be sweet to do on vintage handkerchiefs ... that way it helps them find their seats, dries their tears when they cry during your vows, and is a wonderful keepsake of your day. xo!

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