Monday, March 8, 2010


Another new Estate emerges in the Montecito market available for weddings and events. A totally unique oasis, this gorgeous home exudes a sublime sense of peaceful luxury and zen-like tranquility that immerses guests in a sea of sensory pleasures, creature comforts and natural beauty the minute the gates sweep open to welcome them. The custom-designed pool is just one of the many beautifully crafted elements highlighting this property. The location--just a few blocks from the beach-- takes full advantage of the Pacific’s soft ocean breezes.

The Details:
- Available for events up to 75 guests
- The interior of the home is included in the fee; including bathrooms for guest use and bedrooms for the wedding party to get ready
- Full gourmet kitchen available for caterer's use
- Amplified music would need to be shut off by 10pm
- Fee includes Friday set-up and Sunday removal of rentals
- Shuttles are required for guests
- Power is available, but a generator may need to be brought in
- Event insurance and an approved wedding coordinator are required

Contact me at (805) 286-6505 or for more information on the Montecito Island Oasis, or about Estate weddings in Santa Barbara.

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