Friday, March 12, 2010


Wiggy Ranch is a privately owned and operated property. A working avocado farm, the family is super sweet and is excited to have the opportunity to share their tremendous views and beautiful land for a limited number of events each year.

The vast lawns have amazing views of the mountains, with the luxury of total privacy

At the end of the lawn are steps going to the "top of the world."
A trek, but worth it for the view and photos

The pond is actually filled with water for events - I love venues with a water element!

The pergola is a great space for the band or DJ and to set up a dance floor

These next two photos are the smaller lawn at the bottom of the hill.
This is where the ceremony would take place before shuttling guests up to the top for dinner.

The cluster of trees make a great, natural altar

The Details:
- Site capacity is <300 making it an excellent venue for large weddings
- Bathrooms must be brought in
- There are some outlets for power, but a generator may be needed
- Lighting and heaters are necessary
- A full kitchen must be brought in by your caterer
- All rentals must be brought in
- Valet or <20-person shuttles are required as there is no parking at the top of the trail and large shuttles won't make it
- There is no curfew!
- A privately owned property, Wiggy Ranch limits events to 6-10 per year
- $5,000 site fee plus $1,000 refundable deposit

For more information, contact me at (805) 286-6505 or Have a fabulous weekend! xo!

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