Monday, October 26, 2009


I've had a lot of questions from readers about the onesie monkeys I made for Chris & Tami's baby shower. They're so easy to do! So I thought I'd share a little how-to today ...

What you need:
Infant Onesies
Brown and Tan Construction Paper
Black or Brown Marker

Start be creating yourself a template. Place a onesie vertically, so that the waist down is on a piece of construction paper. Trace (snuggly) the outline of the onesie, leaving holes for the legs. Then remove the onesie and draw legs coming out from the holes. Repeat the process on another piece of paper for the top half of the monkey to create arms and a head.Now that you have a template, trace onto fresh sheets of brown paper and use scissors to cut out the top and bottom halves of each monkey.
Using the tan paper, create a template for the face, trace and cut out. You should be able to fit 5 faces on a sheet of 8.5x11 paper. Using a black or brown marker, draw eyes, a nose, lips and cheeks. Glue the face onto the front of the head.On your computer, design labels (I used Avery shipping labels from Staples) that give your guests direction; "Personalize me!" Stick the labels on the front of the onesies.Open the onesie and insert the head and shoulders into the top half. Then insert the waist and legs. Close the snaps and lift the monkey by the head to straighten out your monkey. There will be a gap in the middle where the halves don't meet (no one will know but you).Cut a length of ribbon approximately 4-inches. Fold it over on itself and glue to the back of the monkey's head (preferably with glue gun or gorilla glue so that it will hold up to some tugging).
Let the glue dry overnight before hanging your monkeys. Have fun, xo!

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