Monday, October 12, 2009

Tim & Tami

Last Friday I called Tami the DIY queen. A bride who really put so much thoughtfulness into her wedding at Elings Park this past Saturday, and really personalized every little detail. I am inspired by Tami; I know you will be too!

(And yes, we all know I am not a professional photographer, so judge the content of the photos, not the quality ... Real photos will be coming from the fabulous Kirsten Ellis in the coming weeks) ;-D

Remember those fabulous Engagement Photos? They became the Ceremony Programs!

Box for Guests to place Cards; even the inside is decorated!

TimTam Chocolates flown in from the factory in Australia; one per setting

The Ringbearer's Ring Box

Handmade Escort Card Pinwheels

Tomorrow I have one last fabulous detail to share from the DIY queen and Tim and Tami's wedding! xo

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