Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kristina & Brandon I

Kristina and Brandon got married at Firestone Winery on September 5th on a spectacular day. The bride described it as "magical."

When I first met Kristina, I knew it was going to be an amazing day, capped off with an awesome party. She told me she had three things lined up already ... the photographer, Jaysun McMillin, a longtime friend, a band from the San Diego area, and her dress. The photographs, as you can tell, are amaaaazing (thank you, Jaysun!). The band, I learned, absolutely rocks ... They brought the house down!! And the dress is, what Kristina and I could only describe as "rock n'roll glamour."
Check out all of the crystal beading on the straps and bodice! I love how it frames the crazy tulle on the bodice... LOVE love LOVE!Kristina and Brandon chose to get married on the Vineyard Mesa underneath the giant Oak tree. They supplied Nico (florist) with 24 rustic old bells and asked him to incorporate them into the decor. The bells later became gifts to friends and family that had meant something special to them in their relationship together.

Stay tuned for more from this fabulous wedding tomorrow! xo

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