Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Not a wedding that I've done has gone by without some kind of emergency. I'm not talking about medical emergencies, thank goodness. I'm talking about fashion emergencies. I have done everything from sew bridesmaids into their dresses, repair hems, fix broken heels and straps, cover and/or remove stains from gowns (note: try to avoid red wine and/or sangria during photos, please!), replace buttons, and so ... much ... more. These things can - and will - happen. Guaranteed.

If you're working with a coordinator, which I know you all are, they will have an emergency kit on hand to deal with these mishaps. However, I've discovered many tricks of the trade come in handy during daily life. So here are a few to know for quick-fixes in your own life:

1. Stain Removal Kit - Madame Paulette is the best stain removal kit I have come across. It has several formula-based papers to handle type-specific problems from wine to grass and more.
2. Sharpies - Sharpies are like concealer for your accessories. It can mask scuff marks on shoes and belts, it can also cover up scratches on wood and iron pieces.

3. Super glue is fabulous for repairing a broken heel or flapping sole.

4. Safety pins are great to handle broken straps and zippers, hold for missing buttons and replace a broken clasp on your favorite necklace or bracelet.
5. Clear nail polish stops a run in your panty hose

6. A wax candle will ease a zipper that's stuck

7. Fashion tape can fix a hem or seam, hold your bra straps in place, manage a plunging neckline
8. And last, but most certainly not least, don't forget your portable sewing kit!

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