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You agonize over the colors, the flowers and the exact look and feel you want to create for your reception. And it all turns out spectacular; the flowers are jaw-dropping gorgeous. So after all that time and money, what do you plan to do with the flowers after the wedding is over? Have you thought about it? You should.

Do you plan to take the centerpieces home? Are you going to give them away during the reception? Will you offer guests to take them home with them? Perhaps you'll give them as gifts to VIPs like your parents or someone that went out of their way to help with something. Or, maybe you don't care ... once the party is done, it's done.

Photo by Donna Romani

Whatever your plans, be aware that you've purchased your flowers, but not necessarily the vases holding them. Some florists may build a portion of the cost of the vases into the fee for each piece to cover their expenses for lost property. Some florists charge a rental fee for each vase on top of the flowers. And some florists won't charge you anything for the vases, but do expect to get them back. Each florist has their own practice.

Unless you've discussed it in advance, chances are you are renting your vases or being loaned them at no cost. This means that at the end of the night, your florist will return and take the vases back. And unless you've brought a basket, bucket or other vases with you, the flowers are going back with the florist, too.

Photography by Jeff Newsom

If you would like to keep your flowers, or have the option to give them away, most florists will allow you to provide your own vases. They usually require them to be delivered to their studio about a week in advance of the wedding. Depending on the vision you've discussed with your florist, you can usually find vases dirt cheap at Michael's or online at Save-on-Crafts.

Miki & Sonja Photography

By talking to the florists up front, you'll not only be able to better evaluate each cost estimate when choosing your florist, but you'll also know what to expect when it's all over.

Photography by Jose Villa

What do you plan to do with your flowers?

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